Energy Consultancy

Senergy Consultants provide a range of energy consultancy services including energy procurement, tariff analysis and optimisation, energy audits, surveys and feasibility studies.

Energy Surveys/Audits

The aim of the Energy Survey is to produce a concise energy report following a site visit of your facility. This survey can take from one to two days to complete on site and results in a report detailing the main areas where potential for energy savings exist.

Energy Feasability Studies

Feasibility studies into specific energy efficient technologies are often essential to determine the financial viability and projected life cycle costing of proposed energy projects.

Energy Tariff Optimisation & Procurement

The deregulation of the electricity market in Ireland began in February 2000, and the retail market opened fully to competition on 19th February 2005. Ensuring that your facility is on the correct tariff and that unnecessary penalty charges are not being incurred is paramount in order to receive a cost effective energy supply contract for your business.

Senergy Consultants can provide a complete energy tariff optimisation and procurement opportunity analysis for each of your electricity accounts.